What if your son was able to apply our principles and fully maximize their potential?

  • Develop mechanics that emphasize using core muscles and decrease arm stress....
  • Gain 3-5mph and raise their playing level ONE GRADE LEVEL or more....
  • Have better command and accuracy...
  • Develop mental toughness and more confidence...
  • Get MORE opportunities...

Owner & Creator of the Velocity Development System

Junior Academy Director & Lead Coach 

About Our Facility.....

Located in Jonestown, Texas
10 min. outside Cedar Park & 30 min. away from most surrounding cities!

Get the BEST Foundation 
to be one of these guys one day.....

What your son will learn at the
Velocity Junior Academy 

In-Person training program at our private indoor facility!

Specialized drills, exercises and programming to dramatically raise your child's playing level.  
Check out all the components to our Training program!
Superior Hitting, Throwing & Baseball Pitching Mechanics
✅ Safe, Efficient and Explosive Pitching Mechanics Instruction & Drills

✅ Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hitting Mechanics (based on level)

✅ Throwing Drills and Mechanics for Position Players 

Throwing, pitching, hitting strength & conditioning
✅ Pitching Specific Strength and Conditioning For Pitchers 

✅ Hitting Specific Strength and Conditioning 

✅ Position Player Specific (Non Pitchers) Strength & Conditioning
flexibility & Mobility
✅ One of the most important components for health and performance!
✅ A complete flexibility and mobility program integrated in our training!  
arm care system 
✅ Arm Care Routine learned by each player for use outside of the facility.
✅ The latest proven arm care techniques and exercises to promote a health arm and body. 
speed & Agility training
✅ Daily Speed & Agility Training and Routines!
mental toughness training
✅ The Mental Game of Baseball/Softball is critical to success with the physical component.   Players learn how to compete and stay relaxed and focus under pressure to perform their best in game competition. 
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