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7 weeks of Summer Bootcamp Now SOLD OUT!

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Located in Jonestown, Texas
10 min. outside Cedar Park & 30 min. away from most surrounding cities!

When your Child Reaches their next level this summer, think about how good you'll feel knowing they maximized their potential! 
✅ An entire program that focuses on flexibility, strength, mechanics and mental training!
✅ Development that focuses on ONLY player development. 
✅ A schedule that allows for players to play summer tournament baseball!
2020 Summer Baseball & Softball Bootcamp
7 Different Weeks Offered This Summer In Our All Indoor Facility!
Check out all the components to our program!
Superior Hitting, Throwing & Baseball Pitching Mechanics
✅ Safe, Efficient and Explosive Pitching Mechanics Instruction & Drills

✅ Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hitting Mechanics (based on level)

✅ Throwing Drills and Mechanics for Position Players 

Throwing, pitching, hitting strength & conditioning
✅ Pitching Specific Strength and Conditioning For Pitchers 

✅ Hitting Specific Strength and Conditioning 

✅ Position Player Specific (Non Pitchers) Strength & Conditioning
flexibility & Mobility
✅ One of the most important components for health and performance!
✅ A complete flexibility and mobility program integrated in our training!  
arm care system 
✅ Arm Care Routine learned by each player for use outside of the facility.
✅ The latest proven arm care techniques and exercises to promote a health arm and body. 
speed & Agility training
✅ Daily Speed & Agility Training and Routines!
mental toughness training
✅ The Mental Game of Baseball/Softball is critical to success with the physical component.   Players learn how to compete and stay relaxed and focus under pressure to perform their best in game competition. 
Here’s A Recap Of
EVERYTHING In Our  Summer Program!

Select Your Weeks! Each week has a player limit that sells out every year! Once a week is full, it will be notated above.  To achieve maximum progression and transformation a minimum of 4 weeks is required. You can mix and match different weeks available. 

Covid-19 Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee! 
Our program will be held as scheduled.

Our summer bootcamp is sold out for the summer.  Check out our evening velocity training sessions by clicking below. Those are still available!

Purchase 4 Weeks 
$975- Full Payment (Save $ vs. payment plan)

You will receive  an email within 12 hours of your purchase to submit which exact weeks you are  reserving.

Purchase 4 Weeks
Payment Plan- $333 a month for 3 months.

You will receive  an email within 12 hours of your purchase to submit which exact weeks you are  reserving.

Purchase 6 Weeks 

You will receive  an email within 12 hours of your purchase to submit which exact weeks you are  reserving.

Purchase 6 Weeks
Payment Plan
$458 a month for 3 months.

You will receive  an email within 12 hours of your purchase to submit which exact weeks you are  reserving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages of this camp? 
The ages range from 7th grade to 12th grade. Players will be grouped in similar ages and abilities throughout the boot camp.  
Where is your camp located? 
Our facility is located at 18671 FM 1431 Jonestown, Texas 78645. Phone GPS locates it well.
Can I stay and watch my child during the program? 
We do not allow parents to stay and watch the boot camp. This camp is designed for players to learn what it takes to play at the next level. Parent spectators changes the environment of the camp and hamper the focus of the process we are trying to create. After running this boot camp for over ten years, I have found that for players to reach their peak performance and 'mature' during camp, it is best for players to be left at the camp. If you have questions about drills or our training protocols, we are happy to share those with you outside of the camp time.  
What should my player wear to camp?
Comfortable light t-shirt, shorts, baseball hat and athletic shoes. No cleats, as it damages our indoor turf.  
What should my player bring to camp?   
Your child should bring a helmet, glove, and bat to camp. They should also bring a sack lunch, water bottle, and snack (optional).   Players should bring plenty of water for the entire day.  
How long has Alamo been running camps?
Coach Alamo began running camps as a camp director at multiple colleges/university programs. Following his coaching career, he opened up Corpus Christi's largest instructional facility for ten years running hundreds of youth camps over the years.  This will be  the 12th annual summer bootcamp!
What time should we arrive? 
Players should arrive about 10 min. early each day of camp. We ask that players do not arrive before 9:45 am as the front door will not be open until that time.   We also asked that players be picked up promptly at 3pm as our afternoon/evening training session begin after bootcamp. 
Do you provide lunch? 
We do not provide lunch.  Players should bring a sack lunch (like they would take to school). 

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